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February 02, 2011

As it really been over 7 months ??

As it really been over 7 months since i last wrote on my blog ??...apparently it has.
So much as happened in that time, some of it good, some quite bad.
I really must start blogging again..i used to really enjoy both writing my own, and reading the blogs of others (friends mostly)
Reading a few of them today, i realise just how much i have missed them..so i am going to start blogging again, and will sort out some pictures as well.
Just wanted to put this on to make a start...
So watch this space..it probably wont be literary brilliance..( no Probably about it, it won't be..lol)..but i'll make an effort and fill you in on my life these past months...it may be therapeutic for me to start to write again anyway.
I'm going to bed now..must get some sleep..then tomorrow..put my thinking cap on.
Night night, to anyone who passes through.

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  1. Hi Joy! Im glad to see you are coming back to blogging. Ive been trying to as well. Facebook is very addicting and is hard to get away from, for me. But Im going to try to get back to writing. Im looking forward to your posts!!


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