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February 10, 2011

Camera Trouble

Just thought i would put a few pics on, BUT I am having camera trouble at the moment...probably because i haven't used it in a while..Must get it checked out.
Weather here today is very grey & miserable..the sort of weather that plays havoc with my Arthritis...( i look like 'the Mummy' at the moment)..i have those stick on heat pads all over me...lower back, shoulders arms etc..LOL...NOW i know why so many Brits buy 2nd homes abroad in the warmer climates..i would if i could, but cant afford it...so ill just have to stay here & wait until spring !! i always feel better then. The cats hate it as well..only Moses ventures out for more than a few minutes..the rest just stay inside.
I am looking at the garden thinking i really must get all the dead debris and old leaves removed from the plants it would look better if i did that,but these old bones have other idea's at the moment...Doc's Surgery just rang i have to go in next week about my diabetes..will ask if i can have some stronger pain killers, then maybe ill be able to tackle it...Oh well must stop moaning..it doesn't really help, and i KNOW there are so many worse off, My lovely Ness & dear Kerry for starters...im sure they cant wait for the warmer weather as well we all feel better with some sunshine..going to get myself a cuppa...BYE

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  1. Hi Dear Friend, I have missed you on your blog. I don't know whats going on in your life. I am still trying to sit. I want to be all better fast. I hope you are doing some better. I think a little warm weather will help. I will blog later, I have been to wore out to do much, but I miss my blog and yours too! ((((HUGS)))) Kerry


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