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April 17, 2006

2nd one today...wow

I am writing again on this blog...maybe because its a new experience,but i need the practice.
Dee i have just been reading some of yours that you wrote last week (while i was visiting Vanessa)...i noticed on one of them dated 11th May, that you offereds to set peoples blogs up for them....oh i wish i had read that before i started to try & do my own..... i am getting there, but i dont know how to do all those desins and things that make yours and your moms so interesting....and i dont think i'll ever be able to send pictures....i have been trying on and off all day.....i keep making mistakes, i can send pics o.k. in E-mails etc,... but i don't know what i do wrong on here....guess i'm an old girl and things take longer to sink in !!!
i'll keep trying.
I had to smile when i read about your families sleep walking experiences, Vanessa used to sleep talk and walk when she was younger, but i really had to keep my eyes on her as she actually left the house one night and was walking down the Road, at that time we lived on a fairly busy road and i am so glad i saw her walking past the window in her mickey mouse nightie...but i found out a few things too as she got older, that she may not have told me if she had been awake, but we have many a laugh over those things now.
Anyway i am going now...to try yet again to send some pictures....i wish i had some one to show me how to do these things..take care Dee & dear Kerry...and night night to you both..love from Joy


  1. Sometimes I write many blog posts in one day, I think there are days when you just feel like writing, then there are those days when nothing is written at all. I love reading your blog, I hope you write a lot.

    Today the blogger site was having troubles, I tried and tried to post a picture today too, sometimes that happens, it probably wasn't anything you were doing wrong. Give it another try tomorrow, and if it still doesn't work me or my mom can help you.

    Wow Nick has never gotten out of the house while sleepwalking, that would freak me out. If you hadn't seen Vanessa I wonder where she would have ended up!!? Its kind of funny to have sleepwalkers and talkers around, but it can be scary sometimes too. Haha!

    Anytime you need help with your blog just email me, my mom is emailing you my email address. I would be more than happy to help you out with any question you have. :)

  2. That is so cute Micky Mouse nightie! Don't worry Joy, you will be doing this blogging in your sleep in no time. That's how I sometimes do mine. Dee is a big help and can help if I can't. You did great so far! I love your blog! Your Friend Kerry


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