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April 21, 2006

I Love my New style Blog (designs by Dee)

Hi There.
So happy with my new Blog...thanks Dee your brilliant.

Had a bad day with my arthritis today, but managed to take Victor a walk
I am going out to tea (dinner)...i think Tea is a very "English" expression and its quite stupid really because its probably something we don't even drink at that time of night... but we are a crazy nation with our speech anyway.
Its like our teens they seem to have a language all of their own...not sure If Teens in the U.S. have the same..??.for instance "Bad" and "Wicked"..both mean something is good...if its "Real Bad" its very good...the "badder "it is the better...do you get the picture...it took me ages, my grandkids had to write it all down for me...!!
Then they have names for the different types of dress they wear, and if you wear certain things you only "hang out" with kids who dress the same..your either a Chav, a grebo, a goth, a Townie a rusty or a choice of about 20 others...i'd hate to be a teenager nowadays...in my Day you were either a "mod" or a "Rocker"... now i'm really showing my age.

At least i know what i am now (so they tell me)..i'm an "oldie"...yes i can live with that, nice and simple...and at least i know what i can wear...anything i flipping well like...i'd hate to be a teenager again, i'd never remember what i was from one day to the next..is it just ours that are crazy or are they the Same in the States i wonder ??


  1. Kids here are nuts too, but I think most of their parents make them that way! Howard and I were just talking about how we are so glad we don't have kids to raise. There is just so much more to do to get into trouble now. I love the kids spirit and hope it does them well in their lives. Most of the time I am happy to be old!

  2. Joy, you are a great to have pledged the money to me! You are a true friend and I will never forget your kindness. Thank you so very much! I went down to the MS ofice today to turn in money and they all told me I got a pledge all the way from England! You are my dear friend, Joy, THANK YOU!

  3. I forgot to ask how your tests at the doctor came out? Did you learn anything yet?

  4. I will get my results the end of next week...i will tell you when i know anything...going for a lie down...been to Birmingham today, i am so tired.

  5. I hope your test results come out ok!! You are very welcome for your blog, I am just so glad you like it! If you would like to change anything just let me know.

    The kids say the same things here as they do there. Bad is Good. And the Badder the Better, haha. Wicked is also another word said here, they also use words like Hot, Sick and Pimp these all mean the same thing as wicked. Around here the kids hang out in groups like goth, jocks, preppy, punks, ect. So Funny!! Just goes to show that all kids are the same no matter where they live, haha!


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