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April 18, 2006

Booked the toning beds today !!!

Hi there Kerry & Dee
Its me again..really enjoying this...but still cant send pic's....think i may
need some help if this carries on,..... thanks for your offer Dee.

Its still really cold here for spring although we did have a warm day Sunday...its dry at least, Victor gets me out, thats why i brought him back with me when i came back from Nessa's...as i badly need some exercise.

Pam my daughter -in- Law as just booked us both in to go on the toning beds tomorrow....not sure if you call them something different over there ?....they are like beds that you use to do exercises on, they are electric and you just lie there and they do all the hard work for you (apparently)..but the effect is supposed to be the same....you still use all the different muscles that you dont always use....i'll let you know more about those tomorrow...but IF they work they are my sort of workout !!!.i

I also have my next lot of tests coming up at the Doctors on Thursday so i must completely stop eating chocolate of any sort.......its so hard been a "diabetic chocoholic"... i was only borderline the last time i was tested and i have tried so hard to cut right back,... but sometimes i fail...i still comfort eat and chocies (now how do you spell that ??) are what i reach for first if i am feeling Low.
This time she is testing me for other things as well because of some of the symptoms i am showing, but i really hope my sugar is no worse because to totally give up chocolate would be an unbearable fate......what a drama Queen,...but true non the less !!

I am off now to take Victor a little walk, i think my arthritis feels a bit better since i have taken him for these short walks but it could just be that the rain and damp seem to have gone for the time been...talk later.

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  1. Give up chocolate, never! It's the only real pleaser I have left, I'm not sure how well I could do that. I would give up egg plant or beets, but not chocolate! If the toning beds work let me know, I will find out where they are and be in one as soon as I can. I need all the help I can get! I'm afraid this has been one of my worst years. I hope to get out more with the warm weather! Where ever that is. Joy are you looking to get another dog? I know how much you have missed yours! It must be a great help having Victor with you. I some times think of getting another dog, but am a bit afraid to.


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