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July 19, 2006

Forgot to finish my blog, Laura is the girl in green at the front this was taken a few weeks ago at he girls section of the Bicester division Cadets, she as been going for a while now and loves it...i pray she will be o.k...i no she is young and healthy, but i worry for the kids today...and this is supposed to be a "nice area" of the U.K....i'd hate to live in a bad area...do you have things like this happen in Nevada?
Hope you are all well over there...i haven't been in touch because of all that as been happening, but Laura is a little better today and as stopped been sick.

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  1. Oh, Joy I am so sorry this has happened to Laura. It is so hard on you all and I want you all to know my prayers are with you. Vanessa has had a lot to deal with and didn't need more, my heart goes out to her! I am sure things like that happen here, but we have not had any of it happen to the children in our families. Not that there has not been fights, but not beatings like that! I am so unhappy to hear that the young ladies are doing that to each other, how very sad that is. I can only hope life will get back on track. All my good thoughts are with you all, God Bless!


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