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July 08, 2006

Managed to do a picture ...at last !!

View from the yard in Ireland.
I have managed to send a picture to my blog at long last..thank you so much Dee...trouble is i didn't manage to send the writing as well.....never mind i am getting there !!...slowly ...this picture is the view from the yard at Toms house, thats Margarets cousin, it is even lovelier in reality... i will send more now that i can do it.

The weather here is so weird at the moment...baking hot, then torrential rain and thunderstorms...which usually clear the air and cool things down a little...but its hotter than ever afterwards at the moment, at least in this part of the country....we need "swamp coolers" i think...i had never heard of those until i read Dees blog, it made me look them up, they are used mostly in desert areas aren't they... they sound really cool.

Kerry i LOVE your picture room, what a clever idea...and i can't believe how lush and green your garden is, i always imagined it to be a bit barren as you are in a desert area, you must work so hard on it...but i bet its lovely to sit outside in it and eat out there...thats what i love most about summer (although ours only last a short time)..eating outside..whats it called Al Fresco ??..or something like that, anyway i love that.

Take Care all of you, Talk soon. Joy

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  1. Our weather is hot right now. We have lakes in the mountains and a river that runs through town. It is very close to the forests and we get lots of snow. If you travel farther into Nevada it is that hot, dry desert that you hear about. I love the green and the shade of a big tree and hate the hot sun. We have about three months of summer. I wish we had more I would love an out door kitchen. I could stay out all day. I love that view, how great. I would sit there all day or plant something!


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