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July 08, 2006

Sending another pic of Ireland.

Hi here i go again, attempting to send another picture and hopefully writing as well.

This picture is of Dingle bay in the ring of Kerry, it is the county that we stayed in while we were there...it was so lovely..the pictures don't really do it justice....hope this turns out...bear with me if it doesn't....if you can enlarge it the picture will come up with a lot more detail...its a very pretty place...here goes, hope it works !!!!


  1. You did it how great! I love the picture! It looks very pretty. I love the idea that they would name the whole Bay after Me!!!! Ha Ha!!You take some great pictures and now we can share the more, that is great!

  2. Very pretty!! The Ring of Kerry? I didn't know there was a place called that. Very cool!!


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