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July 19, 2006

Really Upsetting Week

What a terrible week it as been...Laura my grandaughter who is 14 as been assaulted again by two 16 year old girls, who were drunk (or on drugs) and took a dislike to her,...this is the second time it as happened to her, but it is happening to others young girls in the area....it happened in the summer last year to her and her friend..both were beaten badly by a gang of girls at that time.
She as been in hospital with head injuries and is on a drip and awaiting another brain scan, she has 2 black eyes and is bruised and has several lumps on her head and legs and was sick most of the night and Adam (her Dad) stayed at the hospital with her...Ness is Distraught, it is a police matter as her injuries are quite bad....the girls held her head under one of their arms and smashed it continually onto metal railings....the only thing they
kept saying was..aren't you a pretty girl. !!
This sort of behaviour is getting out of hand now...and its the girls who are by far the worst offenders...whatis happening to the World.

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  1. Oh Joy!!! That is horrible!! I hope you have heard good news on Laura's tests by now. Did they arrest the girls that did this?? I am sending good prayers and well wishes for Laura and your whole family!! Really big {{{hugs}}} to you all as well!!!!


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