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January 07, 2010

I am so Proud of my Grandson

I am so proud of my grandson Luke (pictured here)..because of the bad weather conditions he hasn't been able to work, his bosses couldn't get in to work, so they told the workers not to turn up until the snow eases up...Luke as been driving around lots of the country Lanes near to where he lives and pulling people out of the snow in his Land Rover...he heard on the radio of all the folks that were experiencing difficulties..so went out to look for them and to help..he didn't want payment and just did it because the terrible weather conditions meant a lot of people were stranded...and it was surprising how many there were apparently...I think it is only Land Rovers that are able to cope with some of the extreme conditions they have down South where he lives ? I have only just heard that he as also been delivering food parcels from Age Concern to some of the local old people who can't get out because of the snow...it makes me so proud of him..i do hope thats not wrong, he can be a bit of a 'Jack the Lad'..(well he is only 20,that pic was taken on New years Eve I think) but it goes to show that for all his daftness... he is very mature when it really counts...I love him for it, Bless him.


  1. How nice! Luke is a treasure! Could have used him last year when it snowed here! What a nice thing for him to do. And by the way he is a very handsome young man, look at that smile! <3

  2. Luke sounds like a wonderful fella. You should be prode of him! It is so nice to hear good things about a young person, we always hear the bad things they do. Give him a big hug, he is one of the good ones! Love, Kerry


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