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January 09, 2010

Lots more snow.

We have had lots more snow today....very cold, but SO pretty....It is much deeper in Oxford where Ness lives..they could not get the car off the drive today...i think its because its rear wheel drive....good job they have Lukes Landy to rely on...i haven't been out for days !!! since i had my fall..so scared of having another one, but also going stir crazy staying indoors..and we are forcast another 8-10 days of it at least.


  1. So pretty Joy! The snow is beautiful, but can be so slippery be careful, I hope your feeling better soon. I know how bad it can be after a fall, I had my share of them last year. Take care and enjoy the snow (from inside the house) LOL.


  2. The pictures are wonderful! So very pretty! Stay warm and safe. You don't need another fall. Just sit and watch the snow, it is so nice when it is falling. xxxxKerry

  3. This photo is soo pretty, the snow is a beautiful sight :)


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