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January 22, 2010

Should i make this another Arch ?

The Big arch was put in several years ago...BUT, i am thinking of making it smaller in order to keep the room warmer in Winter.. is quite a long room(28ft)..i am thinking of reducing it both sides by about 2ft each side ??..and also of making the Kitchen door (pictured) into a small arch instead..but I am not sure if this will make it too cold ??..that door leads into my Kitchen...I figure that by reducing the large arch by around 4ft it would still be warmer, EVEN if i made that doorway into an arch (just the size of the doorway as it stands now)..I think this would Look much better..but would it be colder...no problem in the spring/summer months..just not too sure about the Wintertime ??..anyone got any views...i am so unsure at the moment, but do feel like a change.


  1. I love the look of the arch, and I plan on making a few of them myself, but I don't know how cold it gets in your home. I always vote for more arches, but if its too cold you will be miserable. I dont know if I was much help, LOL.

  2. I love an arch put anywhere! You have such a lovely home. Do keep it warm! Leave the door open for a day or two and see if it is cold. I think we three share a brain on our likes! The pictures are great, almost like being there, keep sharing, I love it! Much love, Kerry

  3. Hi Girls..thanks for your comments, i do leave the door open sometimes..there is a small Radiator in the kitchen, but i have it off most of the time as it gets too hot when i am cooking..i suppose if i had an arch there i could just leave the Rad on all the time, if it got cold...my house always looks better in a photo than real life i think..i will post some more pics..as long as you dont get fed up of them..love Joy


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