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March 18, 2009

What do you think of this..its a genuine building !!!

I thought you girls would have a laugh at this..i have been here..it is a strange feeling when you walk in..ONLY in ENGLAND !!!..wemust be nuts !!!..below is the write up that is on the web page for it
On the edge of the Himley Estate lies the The Glynne Arms (more popularly known as the Crooked House or The Siden House). It is a house that has suffered badly from mining subsidence. It lies on what was the divide between Sir Stephen Glynne's land and that of the Earl of Dudley.
Glynne removed too much of the coal that lies underneath with the obvious result. As the result of an optical illusion, without even taking a drink, beer bottles can really be seen to roll up the table!!!!..go & see for yourself !!.
Some years ago, the pub was shifting and sinking but buttressing prevented further damage but left it tilted some 15 degrees out of true. Doors, floors and windows all sit at odd angles to one another, causing patrons difficulty upon entering the pub and walking to the bar.
The sloping floor creates an eerie illusory sensation, making drinkers feel drunk after only a pint or two...but it is still used & visited by customers from all over the country.


  1. The Top 2 pictures were taken about a hundred years ago when the subsidense happened..the bottom one is a recent one..it is still used..very Strange place. !!

  2. That is so cool! I would love to go in. It's great when odd things happen like that and how neat that it is still standing for everyone's delight! It must amuse the children who visit.

  3. I love that place!! This is going to be on my list of things to see when we come to England. How fun!!

  4. I Love it! We have something similar in Californis, but not a big House like that. I will blog about it when I find it. So Cool!

  5. The place I was talking about that is similar, but not near as grand is a little mine shack in Oregon, not California as I thought. But very interesting to visit. I put a video in my blog. I hope you enjoy it.


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