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March 29, 2009

1st little bit of colour in the garden.

It is the first official day of British Summertime today..its sunny but still very cold....I have had the first few colours of spring come up in the garden recently....but, they still look a bit 'sad' can't wait for the warmer weather when all the flowers show their heads and everything is green or colourful.
I had a letter from the Hospital (where i had my recent x-ray) in the post yesterday.
The Consultant Radiologist visited our Tamworth Hospital last week ( the local hospital is small, with only basic staff etc) a Consultant from the main Hospital in Birmingham visits every week or so to check on things...Apparently when he viewed my X-rays he said i have a fracture in my shoulder/arm...so i have to go back on Monday to see him..i thought it was too painful to be only a hairline crack....i think as we get older our bones are not as strong as they once were.....anyway at least he will sort it out for me, i am glad he was there.


  1. I'm sorry you've been feeling bad. I'm glad he was there too. And now I hope they will fix you up. Get better soon Joy. It's nice to see the first green and color of the year? I have a few tulips popping up and I get so excited about that. Love the warm weather.

  2. I wish you a fast recovery my friend. I hate to think of you in pain! I love your flowers. We have none yet, too cold! I will just have to enjoy yours for awhile. Get better soon. Love Kerry Lee

  3. Hello Joy,
    I hope your arm is feeling better now. How are you doing?
    Did you see the radiologist? If so what did he say? I hope good news.

    Your garden is beautiful Joy, everything is so green there!

    Hugs to you!!


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