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March 14, 2009

Mama Mia..was Wonderful.

Got Back from the theatre late last night. Mam Mia was wonderful it was on in Londons West End at the Prince of Wales Theatre...it was one of those sort of shows that even if you went in feeling depressed you would come out happy !!..on the way out i even heard a man comment on it been the best show he had ever seen....I was surprised how many men where there, as i always thought it was more of a womens show ( i hope that doesn't sound sort of sexist, its not meant to !!)..the theatre was packed not an empty seat in the house and it as been running now for several years twice a day..I Loved the film & though nothing could top it..but the stage show was brilliant..it is a real 'feel good' show...and if you enjoy 'Abba' songs you will be singing away all through it...at the end everyone in the audience where standing up singing, dancing and clapping to the music.
To think i wasn't going to go because i had already seen the film, so thought there was no point in seein the stage show...i am SO GLAD i was persuaded to change my mind.


  1. I am happy you had a good time and loved the stage show so much. We don't have them here and we would have to travel too far. I will have to just see the movie. Your friend, Kerry

  2. Im so happy to hear that you had such a wonderful time! I can feel your happiness as you wrote that post. How lucky you are, I would love to go to a show! Now I want to see the movie even more!


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