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March 16, 2009

A Few More Pics.

Just a few more pics, as you like to see them...I have to say that Tamworth as got its own share of shabby, even unsightly views..I only show you the nice ones !!!..but it as got lots of history for folk who enjoy it....it's really just a Market town..all the pics i have shown you have been within a few miles of the Town centre...The one is an outside entrance up to the Castle, it contains a very old herringbone wall, which is believed to date back to the 1180's..but its not really visible in the picture as its not big enough to see it properly. The next picture is the back of the Old St Georges church tower, this is in my village (Glascote) its view is obscured by some of the local gardens so its not a very good picture...The last one is the Town Hall in the centre of town, taken at night when it is lit up...in fairness it does look much better at night than in daylight. Some of the little surrounding villages are very pretty also ..i will get my camera out & take some shots of those for you..IF you get fed up please tell me...as i dont want to be a bore... dont forget to send me some of yours too, i love to see them.....thank you all so much for your comments.


  1. What a great place! I will try and get out to get some new pictures. I have been a little ill, not bad, just enough to keep me home. I am going with Dee tomorrow and maybe we can get some good pictures for you. Keep them coming, I am getting a great education! Love, Kerry

  2. I do hope you feel better now Kerry..i hate to think you feel poorly..i know how those sort of days get to you & Ness...you just want to stay home and chill...have a great day with Dee tomorrow (i know you will)..Love Joy


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