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March 18, 2009

Just For You Kerry

When i was in Ireland 2 years ago there was not only a Street named after you..but a whole COUNTY...and a very lovely one, lakes, hills and wonderful scenery (County Kerry)


  1. Wow!! Great, I have a county named just for me!!! I win!!! I will have to print this out and frame it for the wall. Thank you Joy. That made my day, I have a smile on my face!

  2. How clever! Kerry..you are so LUCKY! Hey, did anyone drink any green beer yesterday?

  3. I had a nice cold Guiness..but must admit i enjoy lager/beer better..just had the black stuff to honour St Patrick as i have lots of Irish friends.

  4. Wow a whole county, that is great!

    I also found Kerry Street a few hours from here. Someday maybe we will take a ride to Kerry Street. :)

  5. Yeah Sis! Very cool! A whole County. How great is that! Good job Joy!


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