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July 01, 2009

How Sad is This

This is a sign showing the limits of the area where the Japanese were allowed to walk...one wonders what would happen if they were to venture further afield ??
With a sentry on Duty i doubt many would try.


  1. I often think about this when we pass over the "line" that seperated the internment camp from the outside world. I find it extremely sad. I wonder what would have happened if someone did try to cross that line.

  2. We Americans now have to applaud the japanese-Americans that were intermed there for overcoming their losses and the huge despair they must have felt... and they stayed loyal to America! They are tuly special people. Thanks for reminding us to remember them.

  3. It makes me sad to think of the crule ways people can treat each other. Living here gives you time to think about how different we all are and to take that time to enjoy it. So many shades of color in this world. How lovely!

  4. I think everyone as to learn from their mistakes..i know i do,( i know my country does) the fact that Most folk in America now hold the Japenese in high esteem....shows how things have progressed from the dark days of th 1940's.....that as to be a huge step forward.


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