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July 14, 2009

I am not giving up on my Ab machine.

It was great yesterday to get support from my friends about my Ab machine...also from anonymous (Sarah)..thank you all ...I thought folk would laugh,... it was an inspiration for me to get positive feedback.....I am VERY serious..these 60 year old abs..need some serious help.
I wont overdo it, and i do a warm up before hand as they tell you on the dvd...i am just doing a couple of minutes morning and evening and building up the time gradually...i also have it on its easiest setting at the moment ( i tried it on the highest one and i literally couldn't move it..LOL)....but i'll build up gradually...I am determined !!..my oldest son saw it today and he said..'what on earth do you want that for at your age mom'......ouch !!!....that as just made me even MORE determined to use it until i feel fitter and get rid of my bumps and bulges ..(.well some of them).. i know i wont look like those gorgeous young women who sell it on the T.V.....i'm OLD.. NOT stupid...i just want to feel better & have my clothes look good again...it wont be easy...but i am determined...thanks again for your support..Joy


  1. You are doing it right, take it slow. Try and make weight loss a game, you will win! Don't deprive yourself of the things you love, just love them a little less. I just take it day by day and you can do that too! I am here to help keep your sprits up! Start slow, the exercise will get better, it will make you feel good after awhile. You my friend are a gem! You always say the right thing. You are my best friend and I thank you for that. Love tons, Kerry

  2. Bless you Kerry..i really need support with this weight loss..but i am determined, and to know you are rooting for me helps a lot..you are a dear, dear friend to me ..but you know that already.

    By the way is 'Anonymous' Sarah..Muffin Mans Mom ?? I only thought that it mught be today ?..must E-mail you soon if it is Sarah..hope you are ok ??

  3. Just keep swimming Joy!! You can do it! I know you can!! Weight loss is so hard, but I know how determined you are, so you will succeed.

    If the Ab machine doesn't work out, then I am sure something else will. Dont give up!!


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