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July 22, 2009

Moses loves Sebs cage

I have had to bring Seb (rabbit) indoors as the rain as been too bad these past few days to leave him in his hutch....His old cage seems so small now compared to his new big hutch...especially when he shares it with Moses !!!..the two seem to have become really good friends.. I leave the door of the cage open so seb can come in & out, if he wants to while i am home,...I only close the cage when i am going out or when i get fed up of them running around like looneys !!!. Moses now sleeps with Seb after they have taken it in turns to chase each other around & wear each other out......still at least Moses is leaving the older cats alone ..and Seb uses the litter tray so thats not a problem....do you like the pic of Moses checking out the rabbit cages on the internet LOL.


  1. That is so cute! They are buddies! They must make you laugh a lot. I hope the rain clears for you, but it has been so hot here, we would love some of your rain! I love your sweet pets!

  2. So now you have a kitten surfing the intenet? He is s smart and such a good pal to Seb. Just don't give him your credit card number!


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