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July 17, 2009

Tamworth Memorial Arboretum

Went to visit the Memorial Arboretum in Tamworth this week...I didn't know until we got there that the Duke of Edinburgh was attending that day.....(we caught him just before leaving, as we didn't get there until around 12.00)..he was unveiling a plinth to the R.E.M.E.( Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers) The Arboretum is a pretty place with lots of trees and gardens..but also a very sad place....when you see the statue and the wall with the names of all the thousands of young men & women who have lost their lives in Wars (1st& 2nd World wars & also the more modern ones in Afghanistan & Iraq etc)..The circular building with the steps leading up to it is where all the names are written .....but the statue was particually thought provocking with the soldier been carried by his comrades....then a wife & children are represented at one end..and broken hearted parents weeping at the other...the names of each soldier that has died was written on the wall behind, along with their regiment ...sadly with lots of space to add more names as more lives are taken in the future......some of them were only 17-18...how very sad....they fought, like all soldiers to keep our country Free..... There were also gardens of rememberance for many other countries and soldiers who were our allies in the Wars, with tributes to all the men who lost there lives fighting for peace....and their regiments.
It is something i dont think about very often..but going here really made me think about the futility of it all....and the grief of the families that are left behind....how would I feel if it were any of my children or loved ones ??....broken hearted......The Arboretum itself is getting recognition from many places in the World, and is visited by many folk from other nations, who have lost loved ones and are represented there....I was so surprised when we spoke to one of the Old Soldiers who had fought in the 2nd World War...he had many stories to tell...but he was still alive, and so many never came back....We will be eternally grateful to them..and must not forget..they were someones husband or father or son..(or daughter in some cases) and many gave their lives at such an early age.....War is a terrible waste of life.


  1. I hate the idea of all the deaths that come with war. I wish we all could handle it in a different way. I am thankfull, in a very sad way! I think that is why I want a more peacefull life. Too many mad people and too much death. We need to solve our problems in a different way! That is a wonderful place, Joy! Very peaceful and very sad.

  2. Your Tamworth Wall reminds me of our Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washinton D.C. So many names on it! They claim it to be a place of healing for those who have lost a loved one in that terrible war as people come from far and wide to veiw it..some even make copies of the men's names. (They have one that travels) ..Trying not to let us forget those that gave their lives in a thoughtless war.
    It is a nice honor to see Prince Philip there..Tamworth sounds like such a historic and regal place.

  3. Its true..folk from all over the World come to remember their own dead relatives whose names are there..while we were there we spoke to a Greek couple and also a Japanese woman...i'm sure you have the same things in the U.S...but i think this is the only one in England..it is very peaceful, but so sad as well...i wish the World could solve its problems in a different way as well.

  4. So sad. But such a beautiful memorial to those who have lost their lives. Thank you for posting this Joy, its beautiful.


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