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July 23, 2009

A Start as been made on my garden Shed.

At long last it looks as if my new shed is going to be built..the other one was about to fall down. This one is almost twice the size of the other one & is built in UPVC..so it will probably last for more years than i will..!!!...Simon & Kieran have been working on it most of the day, i felt terrible as it was pouring of rain for much of the time..I kept asking them to stop, but they said rain didn't bother them at all & they wanted to get it finished..hopefully tomorrow it will be completed, they are going to put the roof on....Then they just have to do the interior floor. It as given them a headache as the ground was so unlevel at the top of my garden and they have had to allow for that and build up parts of it...but i am so pleased with it..cant wait for it to be done..its big enough to put my garden chairs & table in out of all this rain we have been having...i dont think its doing the wood much good.


  1. You will get a lot of use for your garden shed, I'm sure, and are you going to be using it for storage too? Funny how those places get filled up with so many other things besides what we want in them. I'm cleaning my garage out and I swear..I AM getting rid of everything.. for real this time!

  2. Yes I've had it big enough so i can store all my gardenenung 'stuff' from my old shed,but i have had 2 large double glazed windows put in & it also a pair of french doors,(they both have got little venitian blinds in them)so i can have them shut or open.but the very best thing is that it is big enough to have my little garden table & chairs and a couple of padded chairs as well and still have plenty of room...so even in all this rain i can still sit outside...i'm an old fool, but im so fed up of staying indoors when all my flowers are out & i should be enjoying my little garden...this way i get both as its so light & airy.. the roof is strong but clear upvc as well..its like a little summer house..but not as 'posh' and a fraction of the price, i brought it panel by panel not as a ready made shed.. my son & grandson are fitting it and Simon got it trade price for me..it would cost lots more otherwise...but i've got it cheaper than a normal shed half its size..i am so pleased with it.

  3. Hi Joy. Hope that garden shed is all you hope it to be! You should consider getting a follow widget for your blog. We'd be updated each time you post!:D Take care and be good to yourself!


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