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March 30, 2010

Feelong SO poorly.

I was feeling a bit off colour when i got up this morning..now i feel TERRIBLE, physically sick and aching all over, with a headache that reminds me of the good ol' days when i suffered huge hangovers !!..if i dont blog tomorrow (or comment) its because i am still in bed...i hate this sort of feeling..this is when i hate living on my own...even the cats know something is wrong they are all around me.i hope its just one of these one day virus's that do the rounds every so often...must STOP moaning & feeling sorry for myself, feed the cats..and then collapse in a heap...LOL..take care anyone who reads this..i hope you dont get it.


  1. Hi, love your blog. You haven't added the gadget Followers, so not easy to find you again. Hugs, get well soon.

  2. Thanks Carole Anne i have filled everything in but nothing is showing up..i will have to ask Dee

  3. by the way it used to work..i dont know what happened to change that.

  4. I hope you are doing better, Joy. I hope it is not a flu, they can be so nasty. My thoughts are with you. Get better soon my friend, Kerry


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