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March 08, 2010

John Venables protected!!.

So British Justice as once again failed not only Diane Fergus (little Jamie Bulgers Mom)..but ALL women (or men for that matter)..with little children in there families. John Venables as struck yet again, just as Diane said he would..although the newspapers are not allowed to print the full details of the case as yet..although we are informed they are in possesion of the full facts..we do know it is related to children and is sexual. They should never have been released , even though they were only 10 at the time, they knew right form wrong, and they tortured that dear little boy (pictured here)..who was crying out for his mommy throughout his terrible ordeal, before they finally left him on the railway lines after the most horrendous abuse on his poor little body..and this man, John Venables who as now committed yet another crime involving children and is YET AGAIN been protected. My own son recently verbally threatened a paedophile who was living in the same house has is grandchildren, HE was sent to Prison for 6 months, just for threatening the man..He didn't hit the man or even carry a weapon of any sort he just used WORDS !!!!..his only crime was anger at the situation and a desire to have the man removed from the same house as his grandchildren...but John Venable HAS commited yet another crime against children and HE is having his identity protected and changed AGAIN..yet he was bragging about what he had done, and had apparently shown no remorse whatsoever...once again WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH OUR JUDICIAL SYSTEM !!!..what a Country, what a Government, who are prepared to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers money, rehabilitating, (which hasn't worked in this particular case) eventually rehoming, and giving brand new identities to these sort of low lives, so that they will not suffer in anyway...not like the poor little helpless victims who didn't stand a chance... Please see POST SCRIPT Above :-


  1. Oh Joy thats horrible!! Im so sorry to hear this. I remember when this happened to Jamie Bulger. I can't imagine what terrible things have happned now! Please keep us informed if you find out what has happened now. I tried to find out some information, but the newspapers are very vague with the info.

    It just makes me so angry that your son is in trouble for doing what is right. And that someone who is guilty of terrible things is allowed to go out and victimize another person. Its just not right. :(

  2. I wish there were more protection for the children of this world. They are the future adults and carry the painfull load with them for ever. It makes me sad when I hear of another child being put in harms way. I wish there were more like your son to stand up for small voices!

  3. Lauren9:16 pm

    your son was right to threaten him. its an amazing "justice" system really. rapists, paedophiles and murderers get shorter prison sentences than bank robbers, burglars and bloody joy riders. how can you trust a system where property and money is worth more than human life and well being? fair play to your son for speaking out cause it looks like the laws of the land arent going to do it.

  4. theblogofkevin11:20 am

    Whilst I can see where you are coming from, I cannot see how meeting violence with violence and hate with hate will do anything to change and transform our society. Surely he it just carries on the cycle?

    We need another way. There is another way. I have seen it work. Love can overcome, and love is not weak, but is way stronger than hate.

  5. I dont see anywhere in my blog where i condone violence ?? or hatred ?? you have totally misread it if you believe that..please re-read it..I most certainly do not condone it,.. far from it, that is why the abuse & brutal killing of little James was so upsetting to me !!!...How can you equate a prison sentance, or (young offenders institute) with Violence ?? surely you would expect some form of punishment for such a heinous crime ?.and as Jon Venables as gone on to commit yet another sexual crime involving little ones recently, but now as an adult..letting him out early was certainly the wrong thing to do.
    You can not 'love' someone who as already killed into not killing again, they have to first realise what they have done and the wrongness of it, and be fully aware of these things... otherwise it could just happen again (as as recently happened in the case of Jon Venables) He had apparently has shown no remorse even in later years for what he did to little Jamie. However,... loving someone once they are completely rehabilitated is a very different matter...I have read in great detail all the events that led up to the killing of little James and the family backgrounds of both boys, so i do know where you are coming from, but i have also worked with children and it is certainly not the 'norm' for children of a bad backgrounds to contemplate the brutal murder of a little innocent child...This requires abnormal tendancies and can not simply be 'loved away'...i would hate to think that i was thought of as UNloving, simply because i believe in Justice for a dear little boy who lost his innocent life so brutally....especially in the light of one of his abusers now been returned to prison for quote 'serious affences against children'

  6. Joy, I couldn't agree with you more! It makes me so sad that another child has now been abused and it could have been prevented.


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