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March 13, 2010

Just a Post Script on my Jon Venables Post

I feel i must add to this post, (see Below)...I have tried to contact Kevin, one of my commenters..but as I expected he was actually 'Anonymous'..so i wish to make it totally clear..that i do NOT and never have, condoned Hatred or Violence in any form...hence my abbohrence at what happened to dear little Jamie..but i do believe in Justice.
I also believe that if, and only IF total rehabilitation, Acceptance,and also Deep Genuine REMORSE for what they have done to a victim, by the perpertrator of a crime is acknowledged, then of course they deserve society to give them another chance... I do believe that some people can change and of course deserve this chance.....but ONLY if the criteria for rehabilitation and acceptance of the crime is met..
There is a time for 'Love' and in these circumstances it is not until Remorse is fully established.!!..This is my Belief..you are entitled to disagree, but my blog is for my thoughts on issues that matter to me.


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  2. really i do not understand why you put the first paragraph of your comment onto my post..it makes no sense to me whatsoever...it has no bearing on the isssue i was commenting on...I wish you luck with your own blog if you have one that is as there is no mention of it when i click onto our link icon. !!!

  3. First, no amount of love can erase the years of memories. I have a loving husband of 37 years and still carry in my heart the pain of the short time at the hands of my abuser. I don't have any hate, mostly fear left, but ask my husband if he has the hate. We do as children expect our parents, mostly our men to protect us. It has never ended for me, I will carry the scar forever, but atleast I am alive. Tell those who don't make it love was the answer, love will make it better. Help and love your children, toss the molester, child abuser off the planet! Joy, always speak out for the truth, never be told to keep it all a quiet. By not understanding and talking about it, doing something to stop it, it keeps me a victom, Kerry

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  5. Kerry..i know how you suffered and snd still cary the pain..and i know that you know me well and know that i totally believe that Love can ease so many burdens..(i also know it is Howards love that as sustained you)..but as i said in my blog..the abusers of little James first need to acknowledge the wrongness and evil of their act, i know you understand this..but its amazing how many folk dont...only when they admit what they did was wrong and are deeply sorry can Love even start to take effect, but not before..to me that is simple to understand, If there is no remorse after something as terrible as that..how can there ever be love..the two are inextricably bound together...i know you and pray one day you will be completely free from the pain of it all.

  6. Mike..
    Thanks for the comments..its always good when folk comment and dont just pass through.

    But i just write my blog for myself/friends,and anyone who happens to looks in, i'm not interested in anything else..also i am not expert enough ..i just enjoy using it as my 'diary' and 'sounding board'.
    so to speak.
    Kind regards Joy

  7. Soory if I sounded too angry, Joy. I live a good life and have the love of so many. I know I am a very lucky woman. Some times I wish I had my life to live over, but if it changed those I have known, it is not worth it. I have great memories too! Love, Kerry

  8. You couldn't be any more angry than me Kerry...I think most normal folk feel the same about such a terrible thing....its good to have lovely memories as well.


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