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March 08, 2010

Thought for the Day

If everyone who uses blogger went anonymous..there would be no blogs to read or comment on !!!LOL !!!


  1. Hi,

    This blog will surely be a blessing for you.


    Have a blessed reading.

    God bless you.

  2. Thank you i did look in..i do believe totally as you do and have for many years, some of my older Posts mention this. I felt a little sad that you didn't have a comment box on your Blog..2 way conversation is a good thing with anything Christian, but i do understand that you may have had some adverse comments in the past & that is why you have removed it...however rest assired that i do understand about the need for Salvation and this only through Jesus...Take Care, and Thank you.

  3. Also Jesus was very selective with his words..although full of Love & Forgiveness, he was no-ones fool & certainly didn't mince his words when necessary..i recall him calling certain 'Religious' leaders..quote 'a brood of Vipers', and 'white washed Sepulchers, caring only for them selves'...'Love' is indeed the thing Christian Faith is held together by, and also a Command of Jesus,..BUT it has to be coupled with Wisdom and Balanced by Truth & Justice..Jesus embodied ALL of these qualities...that is why ALONE was perfect, and could hang on the cross for all who belive in him, as we would never be good enough, except through him.


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