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March 28, 2010

I'm Really hope im not a Hog !!!

I am using my blog today as both a sounding board, and to give vent to my feelings, that is just one of the reasons i usually write them...I will hopefully not be offending anyone, as that is not my intention EVER....and no names will be mentioned, so hopefully unless the person who commented on a certain blog that i have read recently stumbles across this one, no-one will know where my information comes from......but it will help me just by putting my feelings into words...so here goes,..1st Why do we write blogs ???..well as i said, myself i do it as a sounding board and a sort of Diary of my feelings..this often helps me to get things in perspective (which i hope happens today..when i have got this of my chest..Lol)..and it often enables me to forget an upset or gripe i may have, or sometimes i just want to pay homage to someone or something that as interested me. Whatever, our blogs are personel to us, to a point aren't they ?....now WHY do we have comment boxes ???..i imagine its because we would really like someone to comment in them ??, is that plausable ??...I know I for one take it as a compliment when someone happens to take the time and trouble to comment on my little musings....I am always very pleased when someone takes the time to pass a comment....as it shows they have read my post for the day that they commented,..of course IF the comment is a nice one, it is much better..but everyone is entitled to their opinions, So we do have to take the rough with the smooth.
Comments, for me anyway, are very welcome (unless they are just silly)
During the course of a week..i browse through loads of blogs, it is a thing i enjoy, seeing other folks writings and opinions, i very rarely comment on ANY of them, Maybe i should,... especially after what i have just written here!!!!....but occasionally one may interest me more and i will leave the Odd single comment (I also actually enjoy reading the comments other folk leave on blogs as well, Am i sad ?? maybe,... oh well I'm OLD so its allowed ! )...I also have 3 blogs that i do comment on VERY regularly, these are the blogs of two of my dear friends, and another one that i particularly enjoy. However when passing through some obscure Blogs recently..i noticed a comment from someone, actually classing folk who write comments on a daily basis as quote 'Comment Hogs' I thought how nasty, sad, and judgemental this comment was, to all the other genuine commenters, who do so to show that they actually enjoyed a persons blog and the time and trouble that was put into writing it. I feel sure that MOST blog writers would be only too pleased when someone actually wrote a comment..I know I certainly am...it sort of makes it all worth while somehow, anyway if a person didn't want comments..you can always remove the comment box & then you won't get any !! ... So i have now established that i must a bit of a 'Hog'..oh dear..but not much of one... as i dont comment on many blogs... ever, on only a very small minority once in a while....but i am a HUGE hog when it comes to my favourite ones...does this Count ???.
Well thats it i have sounded off, got my gripe off my chest, and calmed down and am now ready for my day...So.... this 'OLD HOG' is now signing off for another day..aaahhhhhh now i feel SO much better, I think i'll go and make myself a cup of tea...and potter in the garden for a while..have a good day if you happen to read this...and please feel very free to comment..i promise i wont think of you as anything other than normal, and certainly not a hog...have a good Day


  1. Joy I have never heard the term "Comment Hog", thats terrible, and I do not think that you are one, AT ALL! As you have seen I have had to make my blog private due to a disturbing comment, it may not be permanent, but for now its best for me. I hope you got the invitation to my blog, I sent you one in an email.

    Anyway, I love getting comments, from family, friends and strangers alike. Comments are nice, it makes you feel good when people take the time to comment on something you've said. Keep commenting Joy, as much as you like, wherever you like. No one should ever make you feel like you shouldn't or make you feel like there should be limits to the amount of commenting you can do. I look forward to your comments!!

  2. Thanks Dee yours and your Moms are the two i was talking about above..i read them every day..i dont THINK the comment was directed at me or anyone in particular..but i just thought it was 'nasty' that anyone thought like that..but it takes all sorts i suppose, and blogs are open to all sort of cranks i suppose.

  3. I am shocked anyone should care about what is written on a blog. I love writting and reading the comments on my blog. No rules last I checked! I don't think they should be used to hurt and if one does, don't read it! I would love to have more comments on mine, please no ugly ones! I think it is ment for airing our views and just talking about our intrests. Foolish or not!I think you should put yours back Dee and Joy, I love hearing about your life, I have learned so much about my dear friend.Blogs keep us all in touch.

  4. I agree with all you have said Kerry....i love my friends blogs..and am always pleased when ANYONE comments on mine..no matter how many times in a day they do it...but maybe i am just been a bit oversensitive anyway...Hugs from Joy


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