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April 23, 2010

My Special Offer Garden Set

I am so pleased to have got this little garden table set..It was a real bargain, 4 chairs, Round Table with toughened glass centre, and a black unberella..all for £60( the only thing wrong was damage to the BOX!!) everything else was fine...it as got a rattan look to it....I was thrilled at the price. When i went to the local garden centre, similar ones were costing around £300...i love a bargain..so now i can sit outside if the weather is nice....i'm getting to be a real old biddy, the simplest of things make me happy nowadays.


  1. Muttie would be happy too getting such a great bargain! Looks like a nice place to sit with your laptop and cats - when it's NOT raining. Enjoy.

    Milt x

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  3. Thanks so much, Joy, for your kindness in joining her blog. Carole x

  4. Great bargain Joy!! Looks great! :)

  5. Very cozy! I love a good deal too. You got a great one there!


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