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May 19, 2009

Its STILL raining !!!

I am having a bad day..i know i shouldn't moan, but i am getting so fed up of all this rain, i've got so much to do in the garden, and i think it may get waterlogged if it carries on like this...even the colour seems to have disappeared in all that grey!!.. I suppose the thing to do is to put on my wellies, coat & gloves and get out there & do it anyway instead of wingeing about the weather.....it just seems that if its not raining its blowing a gale, i must remember NOT to moan about all the sunshine... IF we are lucky enough to get any this summer.....Thats it.....NO MORE moaning, just positive thinking from now on, the weather will get better, the garden will survive and i will feel much better once i have done some work out there....rain or not i am going to get out there and do it...thats what Kerry & Dee would do i'm sure..so here goes....whats a bit of rain anyway !!!!!


  1. Oh Joy, you are such a treasure, I can see why kerry loves you so much! You make me love you, too.

    here, in Nevada, i was just complaining because it went from a gorgeuos 65 degrees to a what, I think, is a awfully hot 95 degrees and windy couple of days! What is left of my sweet smeling lilacs now are shriveling up from the heat after such a short time of what should be our beautiful spring. It's not that I'm saying misery loves company but I just love your sweet-tempered and amiable way you look at life.

    I thought the picture was lovely. I soooo love the rain!

  2. Bless you Kay..i know you suffer with the opposite extremes over there..too much sun !!..so i understand that you must LONG for the rain lots of times...its a great shame we cant SWAP weather isn't it..at least for a short time..i know that we are lucky really to have such wet weather..because it keeps everything green & fertile...but it was getting me down a bit, so much of it....however i did go out in it (all wrapped up & with a pair of wellies that were too big for me)..and i felt SO much better afterwards, i've really got quite a few things done..I'm wet,caked in mud, smelly and starving with hunger...but strangely enough happy....i hope you get some rain soon Kay..Take Care, hope you & your Hubby & family are all well.

  3. Hi Joy,
    We could use some of that rain here right now, could you send some our way? Haha. We have had the strangest weather, but for now its miserably hot we got up to 90 degrees in the shade yesterday, I don't know what the temperature is today, Im afraid to look. I love working in the rain, Im glad you had a happy time doing it. Splashing around in the rain always makes me happy!! I hope your weather clears up soon! All my love to you!

  4. Hi Dee..i cant believe how very hot it is there today..and yet you had all that frost yesterday..isn't the weather very strange...it stopped raining here now although we are forcast storms tonight..and more rain tomorrow. I am so sorry for you all when it gets too hot as i know that is not kind to the crops & gardens..but i would like just a little bit of it right now..Love to you all xxxxxxxx

  5. We have had so many different kind of days lately! I am either waiting for sun or waiting for clouds! I love the rain, but I do carry on if it goes on to long. I guess it just can't please me either way. Love, Kerry


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