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May 11, 2009

More of my postage stamp garden.

Its only a little garden, but i think its all i can manage nowadays..i love to see big colourful ones, but the thought of all that digging puts me off...I used to have a garden that was at least 4 times bigger than this..i loved it at the time, but i dont think i could keep it nice anymore.


  1. I love your garden Joy, its beautiful!!

  2. You have a very nice garden, I love it. If I didn't have all the help I would have a small garden too. I am just getting to old and tired to get on my knes! I get such pleasure looking at your pictures! Love, Kerry

  3. Very pretty! That's is the perfect garden, Joy! I miss my large garden, too. I live in the dessert and the rabbits and quail eat everything I plant,even the grass... so all i can do is put up some flowers on my deck. I would like to get it to look as lovely as yours. It is so nice to sit outside on a warm evening and be able to smell the sweet flowers, isn't it?

  4. Your Garden is beautiful. I love that you have things in pots everywhere. Kerry(lil Sis) does that too. I can see you take great care.Please keep sharing pictures as things mature.


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