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May 08, 2009

These are pics of my oldest cat, Smokey.( he's 20 years old this year)..the poor old boy was at the vets yesterday..he was missing for several days.( we were worried something had happened to him) but he turned up outside the back door in a terrible state.....He must have got locked in someones shed and sat in oil or grease as he was covered in it....we bathed him but it didn't make any difference..his fur was so matted and he seemed to be in a lot of pain when we brushed him, he was very thin.....also he had to have all his teeth out, as they were loose ..but he did only had 3 !!!....the Vet said its best to do both things at once while he was sedated, to save having to sedate him at a later date, as its not good at his age...so now he is toothless as well as bald both sides..he looks like a Mohiccan, with his fur shaved each side. ..bless him.

The vets bill was £137 +.... cant believe the price of these things..are vets as expensive in other countries as they are here i wonder ?..but Smokey is worth it, they said his fur will grow back soon and he will be fine.

As soon as he got home he ate a huge meal...despite the vet saying he probably wouldn't eat that day, and then slept..he still eats every chance he gets, he looks a poor soul, but he still goes and sits in the garden, as long as its not too windy...i think now he hasn't got his thick fur coat he feels the cold more..specially all the wind we have been getting just lately.


  1. Oh ..poor Smokey! Boy..isn't it true that cats have 9 lives!! They are soo hardy! Good to hear that he is still eating in spite of having his last teeth removed. You are so blessed and lucky to have him at 20 years of age! He must be so smart, healthy and very resilient to have made it all these years. I love cats. My husband and grandson are both asmatic and alergic so I quit having any around right now. I can see how much they mean to you. They are special animals. And..yes Vets here in the states.. are very expensive,too. Just..ask Kerry.

    ps Happy Mothers Day!!

  2. Yes the vets are very costly here too! Our pets are so much a part of our lives and we will do anything to make them better. You are a good mommy to your dear Smokey.

  3. Poor Smokey!! Hope he is doing much better now. The vets here are really expensive too, but our babies are worth it aren't they? {{{HUGS}}}!!


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