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May 22, 2009

My Hand Juicer

Here is my hand juicer Dee...i have never had an electric one...these are so solid and i quite enjoy doing my fruit by hand..it gives just as good performance..and doesn't take up half the room in my kitchen....and theres much less to clean up afterwards..now i sound so lazy don't I ?.....(but its really only good for soft fruits), hard fruits and veggies need an electric one, I've got a food processor that will do lots of things, but its a real pain as these electric gadgets seem to take ages to clean all the little components...and they cost about 5 times the price as well..and i'm all for saving money....its so easy in the morning to just come down and cut the fruit in half & then throw the orange or grapefruit etc into the base part..pull down the handle and there you have it..fresh fruit juice...Lovely, and you can even drink it from the base container if you are really lazy !!!


  1. That is a good idea, I wanted to start drinking green juice every morning. but I guess that kind of juicer wouldn't work with veggies! ha! ha!

  2. Nahh dont think so Kay..you'll need the real thing for that LOL..but its great for most fruits and then i use the pulp thats left in cakes.


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