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May 19, 2009

Seb is much happier.

I keep forgetting to say how much happier Sebastian is now he as the teddy..he cleans it all the time, cuddles up to it at night..and frequently gets 'over friendly ' with it, if you know what i mean !!...i'm so glad i was told to get one for him...it stops him trying to hump the cats every chance he gets, so they are happier as well LOL...cant remeber who told me about it, but i am so thankful to them..(so is Seb)..As soon as the weather gets dry & warmer..i will put him in a hutch outside with a run (Simon is building him one)..Luke as just brought himself a Chinchilla..i said i am absolutely NOT having anymore of his animals when he gets fed up of them...so i hope he keeps it ( but suppose i'll just be a soft touch again if he does get fed up..I'm a sucker for 4 legged friends) Its actually stopped raining at the moment, but i dont know for how long..we are forcast torrential rain in the early hours of the morning...was hoping to go out to Hopwas wood with my friend tomorrow, but if it rains all night it will be too boggy, so it will have to wait...anyway i am going to watch 'Doc Martin' now..do you get that in the States ??..I think you'd love the scenery in it..its set in the countryside & along the coast in Cornwall...a lovely part of the U.K.


  1. I love your pet and know how you feel. I love all of them, but am too tired to take care of them any more. I am afraid Martha will be our last. Have a great day and enjoy the trip. Love, Kerry

  2. Sebastian is beautiful! I love bunnies! Im so glad he is happier now that he has a teddy, that is too cute. And its funny that he humps the cats, Martha humps everything, I wonder what she would do with a teddy?? LOL!!

    We dont get Doc Marin here, is it a series?? Nicks ancestors, on his biological Dads side, are from Cornwall.

    Hope you were able to go on your trip? :)

  3. That is so funny that your Seb has a teddy. We used to raise bunnies and I have never heard of that before! What a very nice boy he must be, not to tear his bear into rags! Joy, you have a special touch with your four-legged friends.

  4. Seb is really kind to his teddy, he's always cleaning it..but when i sit it up he ALWAYS drags it down again..its so funny he only likes it lying down...Hhhhmm..
    Doc Martin is a lovely series i do hope you get it over there eventually for the scenery alone,its a lovely part of the World..Doc Martin is a bit of a grumpy person, with an attitude, but an excellent doctor..its a bit of a love story as well, but he is afraid to tell her etc..the stories each week are very good & i have been able to relate to some of them..but i just fell in love with the scenery..must try & go to Cornwall this year.

  5. I Love animals of all kinds and would have a farm full if I could. He's so pretty Joy. Even our babies like Seb need a friend. That's so cool.


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