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May 17, 2009

My Peony is in bloom at last

My Peony is in bloom at last....i always feel that spring is on the way out and Summer on the way in when it finally flowers...its only the common variety, but it as been split and shared with lots of folk over the years, and i still love its splash of colour...I wish my pale pink one had survived though..must try & get another of those... with all the rain & winds i haven't been out for a few days..so it was a nice surprise to see it this morning.


  1. Your Peony is so pretty Joy. I Love them. Ours are not blooming yet. I will be waiting patiently. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Your red peony looks so bright and pretty, I will look for some myself as I think I am going to plant in pots this week. Do you think it will do good in a container?

  3. How lovely Summer is. Your flowers look so nice. We are getting wonderful weather here now. I haven't gotten your package yet. You are so sweet for thinking of us. I will let you know when it comes. I will write you later today. Thank you dear Joy. Love, Kerry

  4. Your Peony is beautiful. We have some too, but ours is a pale shade of pink. So pretty!!

  5. DEE..I love the pale pink peonies..i lost mine must get another one soon.

    KAY..i started my peony in a BIG pot..but put it into the ground the following year as it got so big..it as been split lots of times since then...you could try one in a VERY big pot...but i am sure there is one that is a smaller variety, that can be grown in containers..i'll look in my book and let you know.

    KERRY..i so hope you get your package soon..i was so mad when i looked on the reciept from the post office ( i didn't notice until next day when i was putting it away for safe keeping)....the stupid girl was too busy talking on the phone while serving me..and she put E.U on my reciept..so i was worried incase they charged you extra for delivery to the States...IF they do that i will send you the extra straight away..i was so cross and went up next day to sort it out (she was on the phone again)...she said it was too late to get it back as it had already gone to the sorting office in Birmingham...but the worst that could happen was that you may have to pay the extra....i said it was her fault..as the address was in LARGE black letters (both ssides of the package)..she couldn't have missed if she was doing her job properly..!!!!..i will be so very embarrassed if that happened..and i INSIST in sending you any extra that as to be paid...that is the reason i keep asking about it..i was really annoyed..lots of folk say she is always on the phone when they go in, and as made mistakes with lots of things including peoples pensions..i just wish i had noticed while i was in the office..but the reciept is a printout, and i din't expect it to be wrong...PLEASE tell me if you have to pay anything as i would hate that to happen Kerry...love Joy

  6. Dear Joy! It turned up great and I love the things you sent. Thank you so much! No, we got no extra charge, so don't worry friend. You are so sweet for thinking of us. Thank you again friend. Love Kerry


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