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May 22, 2009

a single and a double yellow field poppy

They are like great big buttercups aren't they..very pretty, but not as dramatic as the red ones (in my opinion)


  1. Wow, the poppies in the fields are absolutely Eye Popping! LoL..and beautiful. Is the yellow one called a buttercup? It is so cute! I have collected a few plates for the pretty flowers on them but yours is a real stunning beauty, Joy. They don't grow naturally here in Nevada but after seeing these..I will look for some in the nurseries.

  2. The single one is very much like a buttercup to look at..but MUCH bigger..about 2-3 inches across.
    Yes if you get some red poppy plants or seeds and plant them..eventually they will start to spread when the wind blows the seeds etc (or you could always empty a few in the fields LOL..then they will come up every year.

  3. Good Morning Joy. I have not been able to comment on blogs so much lately. My computer has a mind of its own. Actually I think there's a problem with the person running it LOL!I Love Poppies. How fortunate that they grow wild there. They are beautiful. I have not seen yellow like that. Thank you for the pictures.Have a good Day.

  4. I love the poppies! Mother Nature is amazing. Being a quilter colors a big part of my life and I take most of my ideas for my house from naturs. Flowers and sun sets inspire me. Your poppies are so very lovely. Thank you for sharing, Joy. Love Kerry


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