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May 07, 2009

My Last Blog didn't turn out very well...so many spaces..what happened ???...i'm not very good at blogging either Kay LOL..but at least there are a few pics to see..i think i have got everyone of them covered at least once..dont think i have missed any one out..hope not anyway.


  1. Joy..you have a Very beautiful family, indeed. You must have been a young mother like me! haha. I love your childrens'(and grandchildren) names..they sound so special and different. I think it is neat to see the family traits in our children but then I give them so much credit for their own lovely and wonderous individuallities, don't you? You have so many to keep up with..it must wear you out, be Fun and never be a dull moment.

  2. Go in to edit, go to the bottom of any open space you have and backspace on your keyboard until it comes up to where you want it. Computers are a kick, sometimes I want to kick mine!


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