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June 01, 2009

Lazy, Sunny afternoon.

We have had a few glorious sunny days, but today is the first time i have been able to just SIT and relax,...this is my idea of bliss at the moment..ice cold Cider (or beer) and a good book...I am not sure but i think Dee as read the 'Twilight' series of books ??..i am now on the 3rd one, Eclipse & i cant put it down..if anyone had told me i would enjoy a set of books on this subject (vampires) I would never have believed them..but she is just such a good writer, i read the first two in a few days..and will no doubt do the same with this and then breaking Dawn (the 4th in the series)..there are certainly unlike the normal books on that subject..which i wouldn't give a 2nd glance to..but these are so absorbing... Edward one of the main characters is the inately good, but Carlise & Esme are too..so its understandable..and Bella is so vulnerable you so want things to turn out good for her....am i losing my marbles ??....did i just say all that ??..about a book that i think my grandchildren would love (well they saw the film and loved that..and the books are even better, much better.)..anyway its a wonderful way to relax and spend this much needed sunny interval...sometimes a break from reality can do us the world of good can't it. ??


  1. A break from reality can sometimes do wonders. I'm happy you had a good day. I,m not sure about what you asked about your Virginia Creeper. We got ours from Kerrys yard and her's were beautiful. I water and hope things grow. Sometimes I'm lucky. LOL! Have a Great Day Joy. It was good to here from you.

  2. I just found out that the squirrels we have here, are the red ones. I will be taking more pictures. They are so pretty and such fun to have come around.

  3. Your place of serenity looks marvelous. I need to do more of that. (and I love a cold beer!) I love just sitting outdoors, surrounding by green growing things and spending time doing whatever..maybe it's just mediating and getting myself gathered back into one peice.

  4. Joy I love your idea of sitting and relaxing with a good book and a cold glass. It sounds like the perfect day!

    The Twilight books were so consuming to me. I agree with you, the books are unlike many books on the subject of vampires. These are not your typical vampires. No, your not losing your marbles, hahaha, I felt the same way about the books and the characters. Im so happy you are reading the series and you are loving them. Its really hard to understand the draw of the story unless you read it, Im glad you understand.

    Yes, sometimes a break from reality really can do us a world of good. ♥

  5. At one time I loved to read. Because of the MS I can no longer read, I miss it. I haven't taken the time out to listen to books and have some me time, I have worked too much. After reading your blog, I am going to start again. I had a lovely yard to sit in and take those breaks. Now I have so much more of Mother Nature to see. I need the time to rest, I will try! Thank you, Joy. Love, Kerry


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