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June 02, 2009

Birds LOVE red hot Pokers !!!

The only trouble with Red hot Pokers is that the birds love them as well...they eat right up the stem (well they do in my garden..even though i have got cats)..they swoop down and steal all the tops a bit at a time, until there is just a stalk left....a bit like us with sweetcorn i think !!..i wonder if that is another reason folk throw them out ??..must get myself a little scarecrow..i have only got the orange tops on most of mine already....i love birds..but they have got such a cheek !!


  1. The red hot poker is so beautiful Joy! Im sorry the birds are being pests. Maybe a scarecrow will fix the situation?

  2. So beautiful! The color is wonderful. Even for a short time they would be lovely to see. The birds sometimes leave me a mess, but I love them too. I guess you have to take the bad as well as the good. Your picture is very nice! Love, Kerry

  3. I got this pic of the net..its not one of mine..but it shows the bird so i put it on feeding on them...mine usually end up just like stalks after a couple of weeks as the birds just devour them..its a pity, but they are nice while they are there.


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