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June 07, 2009

My Four Cats

Here are pics of my 4 cats..Lady is the here with Bailey the youngest one...they are always cuddling up to each other and are really good friends..they go everywhere together.
The other picture is the 2 older ones Smokey who is nearly 20 years old, and the largest and Jacey who is 17....they are all good friends, and get on well together..but the 2 older ones sleep a lot now and only go out if it is very warm (except for calls of nature)..but they are all lovely..i am having another kitten in a couple of weeks...am all black one..i would have LOVED a dog, but am not sure if the 2 younger cats would be happy with it..the old pair would be fine as they lived happily with Rosie (my Rottweiller) until she died 2 years ago..they all used to sleep together in front of the fire and she used to lick them both....i love my animals.


  1. Joy your cats are beautiful!! ♥
    I cant wait to see the kitten!!

  2. To think of two cats living on to that age is amazing. You must take very good care of them all. Joy, I can only imagine how loving and warm your home must be.

  3. I am happy you have your lovely cats, I know you miss Rosie so much. She was a dear. Our pets are family too. They are very pretty, Joy. Love, Kerry


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