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June 20, 2009

My New Family Member.

Here is my newest arrival, his name is 'Moses'..he is 8 weeks old...i love him to bits.
He sleeps on my head at night, he starts under my chin and works his way up to the top of my head, biting my ear on the way up !!..he keeps looking down at me until i close my eyes & then he goes to sleep as well. He has a huge appetite for such a small creature, he loves his kitten food, but chopped up chicken is his favourite..also he is good and always uses his litter tray....The other cats are not too impressed and just ignore him, except Jacey ( the old lady)..she keeps washing him and she even lets him into her box bed..none of the others are allowed to do that...i think they will all be friends eventually ..when they realize he is here to stay....I do put him in his cat box at night..once he as fallen asleep on my head i am able to lift him up and puthim in his box without him even waking up..he is so laid back nothing seems to bother him..but i suppose that's because he is so young...Bailey used to wake up at the slightest thing, you could never pick him up without waking him..but they are all different ..i think Moses just wears himself out running around and exhausts himself.


  1. Oh, Joy! What a cute one he is! I love the big eyes. He will bring you lots of fun, I love him! Kerry

  2. A black kitty. I am going to start calling you Kat Woman! Ha! Ha! I wanted to dress like her for Halloween cause she is my favorite. Moses is adorable and will probably drive the older cats crazy for awhile. I remember having a cat that used to try to milk my head and purr..it would feel so good it would put ME to sleep!

  3. It does feel just like he is milking my head..but it very relaxing as he doesn't hurt...He does seem to upset Lady a lot (she growls at him)..the other 2 males ignore him completely..but Jacey loves him so hes got one friend..i hope they all gel soon..i had this when Bailey 1st came to live here..but hopefully it will all settle soon.

  4. Awwwwwwwwww!! How cute!! I love his eyes!!


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