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June 13, 2009

Seb as moved home.

Sebastian (Seb) as moved into his new hutch...he loves it..hes got more room, as its nearly 6 foot in length (it doesn't look that big in the picture does it )? and he can also come out and run around the garden....when i am there to watch him...as soon as i put him in it he was running around exploring..then he ate some food, so i know he is settled ok...its good for him to get some fresh air...i will bring him in again in Winter when the weather gets cold.


  1. Sebastian is such a cute little rabbit. i think it is so neat how you treat your pets as friends and give them such special care.

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  3. Simo did a great job on Seb's new home! I hope he is very happy there and lives like a king! He is a very cute bunny! Love, Kerry

  4. Sebs home is great, Simon did a wonderful job on it. Seb and his little stuffed friend look very happy! :)


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