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June 26, 2009

Tribute to Michael Jackson.

I just want to pay my own tribute to Michael Jackson. I could not believe when i heard he was dead at only 50 years of age...He was a troubled man, who was still a child in many ways..eccentric yes,... bizarre in many ways,yes....but a truly brilliant Singer and Dancer...he had a unique talent, but was also humble, gentle and kind.
He was recognised throughout the entire World..his music had appeal to all generations and age groups..He suffered malicious gossip the nature of which must have hurt him deeply,... because of his unwise, but always genuine care and compassion for children....He was proven Innocent in a court of Law of any sort of child abuse.... that was what his fans knew the outcome would be if there was any justice.

I wonder how the ones that brought about that allegation will feel about todays news ?? ..(guilty hopefully)..i still cant believe he as gone, so many memories of many decades enjoying his music, my daughter adores him as well...his music will live on....he will always be the King of Pop....i feel so much for the little ones he left behind...Goodbye Michael....your fans everywhere will mourn you for a long, long time.

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  1. I too was a fan of the talent he had. He was a true master. I am sad to see his life ended to soon! What will happen to his children? Like him or not, they loved him and it is a very sad day for them. So much talent and too short a life. Good-bye Michael, you will be missed!


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