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June 22, 2009

My Mystery plants ARE pink poppies.

My Mystery plants have finally started to flower...and they are pink Poppies, both single & double ones..i am so pleased..but i have no idea where they all came from, it must have been the wind blowing the seeds from a neighbours garden, or maybe the cats bringing them in on their paws..but i am so glad they are not weeds...i have lots coming through all over the garden..lovely.


  1. What a TREAT! a gift of sorts? I like to relish in those gifts from above. You never know what the cat will drag in!..and such a pretty shade of Pink!

  2. Joy, you have a very lovely garden, so peacefull! Some day we will sit and have tea together there! The flowers are so wonderful and full of color! Love, Kerry

  3. Im so happy its poppies! And a very pretty shade of pink!! :)


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