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June 03, 2009

My Mystery plant..is it a Poppy ?

It seems i have got a mystery plant also, well at least its one i haven't planted ..i do think (and hope) that it is one of the pink poppies...They have so many varieties and all the leaves are different just like the flowers... IF its one of those i will be so glad, because i have lots of them popping up all over the garden..i know some folk say all poppies are weeds..but i love them all...i did plant a pink one about 6 years ago..it came up once but didn't re-seed or grow again..so where these have come from i really dont know..but i think the seeds travel a long way on the wind and a neighbour may have planted them in their garden.. knowing my luck it probably is a weed.....If anyone as any ideas please let me know......i will keep watching them with interest.


  1. Joy, that reminds me of when i had a garden and i would let anything green grow..as long as it was GREEN! I'd find out later if it was a weed or not, but it was so barren and dry in my yard that I was desparate. Still am..but have almost given' up. I am of no help in guessing what your mystery plant could be but it could prove to be fun waiting to see!

  2. LOL..im all for green..like you ill give anything a chance. These have really taken over my garden , they are popping up everywhere..if they are weeds then im going to have a very busy time getting rid of them all....and feel such an idiot to boot as i keep telling everyone that i think they are pink poppies..was it just wishful thinking on my part do you think ?..what the heck i'll just put it down to old age and bad eyesight.


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