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June 04, 2009

PLEASE let it be one of these not a weed.

I do so hope this is my mystery flower...look closely at the leaves..could this be what is taking over my garden ??....i do hope so as its so pretty...but i suppose there are all sorts of weird and wonderful WEEDS out there too ...i will have to wait and see, ... i will feel a bit of a fool if its not a Poppy as i have been showing them to everyone who as visited me this week, i think i am becoming a gardening bore !!!.....ill just put it down to old age and stupidity if they all turn out to be weeds LOL.


  1. Well..you wouldn't be alone. I do find the beauty in weeds sometimes and find some pesty plants pretty. I let the rabbit-brush go rampant here in my yard as I was hoping the sagebrush would grow along side of them and help to keep the dirt down. They start off very small, sweet and a pretty lite green, but soon take over, steal all the water and when they bloom they smell like cat pee! LOL! Sounds like a few people I've met..LOL!

    I sure hope your mystery croppings will all be Poppies. That one is so pretty. Wish I had them around my yard, too!

  2. Im still not sure Kay..but ill soon know..it just seems strange that so many are shooting up all over the garden..over here thats usually what weeds do !!!!...I've not heard of a rabbit brush, dont think we have them here.. we will have to campare weeds.....(only jokin)

  3. Weeds or not. they are lovely. All my weeds look like weeds. It wil be nice to see the flowers come up! Joy, you have a gren thumb even with great looking weeds!

  4. It's pretty whatever it is. If all weeds turned out to be that nice, it would be great. Sometimes I don't know weeds from flowers either. Oh well, pretty is pretty.

  5. I hope its a poppy! ♥


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