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June 15, 2009

My Red Poppies are coming out.

My large Red Poppies are starting to come out at last..we had torrential rain yesterday and coupled with the heat & sunshine it seems to have got them moving...i thought all the heavy rain overnight would destroy them..but they were still standing when i got up this morning.
They are so dramatic..but sadly they only last a few weeks and then they are gone....until next year.
I have shared these with so many people over the years..and they all have them coming up now...thats a nice feeling.


  1. You have the most lovely flowers, Joy! I love that you have so many different kinds. The colors are truely great! Poppies are one of my favorites. Good pictures too! Love, your friend, Kerry

  2. Love the poppies! They are so big. They are a favorite of mine too, we started some from seed in the yard, maybe next year they will flower. Beautiful picturs Joy. :)

  3. We have had such down pours everday too..hasn't the rain been such a weird thing? It has been so beautiful and needed but in such an abundance I don't know if the flowers i planted all survived. i wiil be wishing it was back when it reaches 95 degrees next week. I love your poppies..it is so sad when flowers last only so long! I guess it is kinda like people... we have to really enjoy them when we have them around cause soon they could be gone.


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