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June 03, 2009

Foxgloves at last.

Its always lovely for me to see my foxgloves, these are my first ones in flower, i think they get more sun where they are, but the salmon coloured ones haven't shown at all...hope i haven't lost them...when we were kids we used to put the flowers on the ends of our fingers, and pretend we were monsters (well i was VERY young)..but then as i got older i realized i was playing dangerously as it is from the flower that we get the drug Digitalis (used for heart problems)..but i'm still here to tell the tale.


  1. too funny about the finger monster..sounds like something we did as kids! I just planted one on the side of my house..I have never grown one before..I hope it lives.

  2. I hope it does Kay..as they are one of my favourites..i did plant a salmon/pale orange one last year that i got from one of the garden centres, it was lovely..but it hasn't even showed its face this year..i hope i haven't lost it..i had never seen one that colour..i think it must have been some sort of hybrid ?? (thats sounds so knowledgable..must have read it somewhere LOL)..it did really well at the time and had several new ones come up by the end of the season..but not a thing this year.

  3. I have never seen these. It's beautiful. I hope your salmon color blooms. It's so hard to lose plants that we love. Good luck Joy. Let us know.


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