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October 13, 2009

Last Word on my Door !

I showed Jimmy, (the brainy logical one in the family..where did i get him from) ?? the recent pics of my 'spooky'door...i was really quite interested what he would have to say..because it was the weirdest thing to me & lots of others who i have shown the pics to.
He just shook his head as if i was some demented, sad, eccentric old biddy..

It does LOOK unusual he said..quote...'but those doors are treated when they are made.. because they are external and need protection from the elements...usually they are treated panel by panel..that one must simply have had too much or not enough treatrment and it made it look odd compared to the others.....only a camera flash would pick up the flaws !!..try taking it from a different angle mom.....and you will see how silly you have been....so i DID..and here is the result.....mystery solved, but i must confess i think i may be just a little disappointed...it was a talking point before and didn't do amy harm...well it wouldn't i suppose, been as it was just a badly treated door panel..LoL.


  1. Oh no! Im a little disappointed too. LOL! Oh well, just keep your eyes open, you never know what you will see! :)

  2. Funny that we are all a little disapointed at the discovery! We do love to find something odd, don't we??? I always am looking for a mystery. Keep looking, you never know what you will find! So funny!!


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