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October 30, 2009

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Forgot to go to the Doctors again..slept through my alarm...if i didn't laugh i would cry..what is happening to me ???..My memory is so worrying...but i will make a later appointment next time..then i will hopefully remember..after leaving myself a note on my bedside table, another pinned to my front door and a message on my Computer for when i switch on !!!!


  1. Oh no! I do that all of the time too. I make it a point to set a reminder on my cell phone or put notes all over the house. I have the worst memory. Im sorry you missed your appointment, hopefully you can get in to see the doctor again really soon?

  2. It seems to be a challenge somtimes, remembering things. I'm doing it too.I write notes for everything, on every piece of paper I can find, THEN, I'm lucky if I can find the right paper. UMMM!Just keep on keeping on Joy. Some things are better forgotten anyway. Oh! but not the Doctor. LOL


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