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October 09, 2009

What on earth is that in my door panel ??

I have just looked at my blog, and i can not believe what i saw..in the middle door panel on the left....that is so weird !!!...it is just a normal wooden door no glass, and i dont think it would reflect camera light...especially as that looks as if it is just in one panel...Has anyone hot any ideas what on earth that could be ???...its a bit Spooky...i have been out and there is nothing on the door at all,...it is just plain wood..how strange.


  1. It does look a little spooky, doesn't it???? I had to look at it a few times real close!Looks to be an figure to me. It might be me, but I see something! Don't want to scare you, so lets just say its a friendy what ever it is! I want to think its something nice when I see something strange! Great Picture!!!

  2. I sent it to Simon & Pam yesterday, when i went up last night to visit them..Simon said it was when he was changing that particular door that he blacked out ( he was working at the time and fitted new double glazed doors & windows into a property) they always take the old doors away unless the customer wants them..some of them are very good condition...that one was just the right size for my passage,& was much better than the one that was there at the time so he brought it to me...they both said they could see a face in it, just that one panel...but it is very strange isn't it..i was only when i took the pic for you that i saw it...i've had that door a few years now so it must be ok...did you try & enlarge it ??..it seems a bit clearer when you do that, whatever it is.

  3. Joy!! Replace the door!! Creepy!!! Cool, but creepy!!


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